Labor migrants increased remittances to Ukraine

, 2019.01.29, 15:52

During 2018, more than 70 million euros were transferred through the TransferGo service to Ukraine.

Ukraine is the fastest growing market for remittances, according to the report of the online service of international money transfers TransferGo.

It is noted that during 2018, 350 thousand remittances were made using the service to Ukraine. Total transferred more than 70 million euros, which is 8 times more than in 2017, stressed in TransferGo. "Today, more than 110 thousand Ukrainian citizens, most of whom are labor migrants in Europe, are TransferGo clients. At the same time, the total number of service users in the world is 900 thousand," the press release says.

TransferGo is a global online service providing real-time international money transfers. The company was founded in 2012 in the UK with headquarters in London. Today, TransferGo serves payments in 47 countries in Europe, Asia, USA, Canada and Latin America.

According to NBU forecasts, in 2019 the number of working Ukrainians abroad will remain at the 2018th level.

According to the Ministry of Social Policy, 3.2 million Ukrainians were on a permanent basis abroad for earnings at the end of December last year. According to the ministry's estimates, on average, between 7 and 9 million people participate in the migration mobile process. In 2017, Ukrainians received over 660 thousand permits to reside in EU countries, according to data from Eurostat. In general, Ukrainians received about 21% of all residence permits issued in the EU countries in 2017.

Most of the evidence Ukrainians gave Poland - about 585 thousand permits (88%). The following by the number of issued permits for Ukrainians among the EU countries are the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Denmark.

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