"The first blood was shed" - in Volyn more than a hundred parishioners forced the UOC priest to hand over the keys to the temple

, 2019.01.27, 14:16

The police did not react at all to the requests of the priest and his requests for help.

In the village of Nikiegovka, Manevitsky District, supporters of the UOC-KP (PCU) blocked a priest of the UOC-MP. Parishioners demanded to give the keys to the temple. The head of the press service of the Volyn diocese of the UOC Oleg Tochinsky announced this on his Facebook page.

"The local dean of the UOC-KPP is participating in the atrocities! The police are inactive! The constitutional right of a citizen of Ukraine to freedom of movement is violated! There is psychological pressure on a person for the illegal seizure of a building!" - the clergyman writes.

"After many hours of pressure, more than a hundred people (among whom, by the way, were not only the villagers), forced the head of the church Taras Bernik to give the keys to the church. Numerical superiority, as always, was on the side of supporters of the UOC KP apart from the convinced supporters of the UOC-KP, it consisted of those who are “for any kind of kipish,” and it happens once a year in the church. Tochinsky.

“The police didn’t react at all to the priest’s appeals and his requests for help. When Father Tarasi declared restricting his constitutional right to freedom of movement, one of the police officers present answered:“ We don’t have the right to interfere. ”A crowd crowded the priest they got into their pockets ... looking for keys. Unfortunately, the first blood was shed. The conflict, which can be said to have gone from the pages of the Gospel, occurred between siblings. The first was on the side of the UOC-KP, the last on the UOC. As a result, b Rat raised his hand to his sister and broke her nose, "- said the priest.

“At the suggestion of the abbot to support the bill 4128, and organize alternate services in the church, a representative of the Kyiv Patriarchate said:“ Stand with us to the throne! ”. Supporters of the UOC-KP refused to fulfill the law 4128.

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