Abroskin told about the mass detention in Krivoy Rog

, 2019.02.15, 15:08

“18 people have already been detained. This is just the beginning”

The police in Krivoy Rog immediately detained 18 people who, according to the Deputy Chairman of the National Police Vyacheslav Abroskin, were part of the group "for a long time operating in the city." The arrest was preceded by 60 searches of drug dealers.

“18 people have already been detained. This is just the beginning,” said Abroskin and added that the day before, Fedor’s criminal authority had been detained.

"Fedor" was detained by employees of the National Investigations Department of Strategic Investigations. According to Abroskin, he is the leader of a criminal gang from the Rivne region. "On the criminal actions of the gang" Fedor "you can shoot a Hollywood blockbuster," - said the official. “But this bastard hopes that, as always, his patrons in law enforcement and judicial bodies will help. I suggest that victims of criminal actions of the FGDFG contact the Department of Strategic Investigations of the National Police,” Abroskin suggested.

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