Alexander RZHAVSKY: “The topic of the election has entered all spheres of our life”

, 2019.02.22, 14:37

Poroshenko of the second term is much worse and more dangerous than Tymoshenko of the first term.

The pre-election period is the small period of time when politics penetrates all spheres of life. And even questions that are not decisive in ordinary times are now closely connected with politics. However, the desire of the electorate to know with certainty, with what thoughts and intentions 44 presidential candidates are running for the elections, can hardly be satisfied with the thoughts of these, frankly, not always the most prominent minds. Moreover, often a number of current candidates are not so much interested in truthful answers, but in a banal desire to look to potential voters in the best possible light. And therefore now the position, opinions, views on what is happening of authoritative people become especially necessary. About the current situation, our correspondent talks with the political figure Alexander Rzhavsky.

Тhe current Ukrainian policy on the eve of the upcoming elections has already presented quite a few “surprises”. You do not have the feeling that not everything that happens is not “truly”?

- Of course, the entire election campaign gives some kind of surrealism. An unprecedented number of candidates. I can not even understand what function they should perform. If you need to use the function of what Poroshenko is, Tymoshenko, and the rest is some trifle that you shouldn’t pay attention to, then from this point of view: yes, of course. But among generally empty candidates, none at all, very serious figures appear. Therefore, I do not quite understand their game. I think today everyone is tensely calculating how to disrupt the elections.

That is, under the current scenario, there is a danger in the country that elections may not take place at all? How real is this turn of events and how does it threaten?

- The main contenders for the post are thinking about how to disrupt the elections. I mean the main ones not by their rating, but by the one to whom it is vital. Because for them it is not just a loss, but a deadly loss. In expert circles, there are rumors that they will try in some way to push the elections until the autumn at least, and then merge everything together. It is difficult to imagine how this can be done. However, when candidates are interested in this, then, for example, when submitting any a la “martial law” - the elections are canceled by itself. Everybody loses to Zelensky today, both in the first and in the second round. This imbalance makes absurd any other action. Other candidates want to somehow stop this, but do not yet know how. There is a choice: martial law, for example (especially since it has already been tested, everything went as it should), maybe some kind of man-made disaster, an act of terrorism. It should be understood that the candidates themselves will not necessarily do this. There are people, zealous followers who really want to win their candidate. And the candidate does not even need to make an "order". These may be honestly mistaken fools who do not represent life with another candidate, and see that their candidate is not passing. In history, we know many such cases. On the one hand, it is possible, but on the other - everyone understands that it will be very bad to postpone the elections, even it should be a shame. The topic of elections has entered all areas of our life. What does the postponement or cancellation of the election? It gives time. If the elections are held on March 31st, then there will definitely be such an alignment. For example, Poroshenko will lose this election. If the elections will be in six months - there are options. We all walk under God, you can not reach it until the autumn, suddenly something happens, you never know what. I even heard such a version, very difficult: that they would try to do something with Zelensky to prevent him from taking part in the elections, to the joy of everyone, and they want to accuse Tymoshenko of this, thereby killing two birds with one stone.

What would you say the most flashy intrigues in modern Ukrainian politics?

- The whole life of today's politics is intrigue. All of them are aimed at obtaining additional power and additional money. For them, this is not intrigue, it is their life.

In your opinion: what happened recently on Kontraktova Square during the Y. Timoshenko rally - is this a political intrigue? Or, perhaps, "Bandera" - is now a dirty word? What does the Interior Ministry look like in this situation?

- There is nothing intriguing here. There is a group that gathered a rally of the main rival Petro Poroshenko. There are people who want to resist this rally. There are law enforcement officers who are currently performing a dual task: on the one hand, they help Tymoshenko to stop the chaos of nationalists, on the other - they show that the police are out of politics and - receiving orders (like Avakov) for not supporting any of the parties to the conflict. As for the cry: “Get down, Bandera!”, Then everyone immediately jumped out, began to shout. And what, in essence, did this law enforcement officer say? They think that he expressed his displeasure, the evil that he inside identifies with Bandera. If he shouted: “Lie down, scum!”, Or some abusive word, and so in fact: “Lie down, Bandera!”. It turns out that people raised this cry on the shield, as a protest against what Bandera is already considered evil. Although they do not know what the court will consider: “Lie down, Bandera!”, “Lie down, Hitler!”, “Lie down, Guy Julius Caesar!” Or someone else. Formally, he can say: "I know one person with the same surname, he looks like him." And then what? This has no effect. The nationalists were frightened, I think, of exactly what they identify to Bandera with everything hated. For this, they caught on to make Bandera love. And all the derivative noise from this incident is the basis of this desire.

To the fact that among the so-called. Democratic presidential candidates are ruled by split and vacillation, and their natural association is not purely symbolic, everyone has become accustomed, and from this process mostly technical candidates no one expects anything good for the country. But the trouble is that although it is torn by contradictions, the opposition bloc united in its main positions also inherited a similar political disease. As you know, every political force of this once united bloc has broken out on its presidential candidate. In the midst of this turmoil, it is difficult for the voter to figure out: who among the three candidates of their teams really fights for human values, and who simply plays along with Poroshenko. How would you comment on this strife?

- Vilkul, Muraev, Boyko and Taruta - they all come from the Party of Regions, and all claim to the electorate of the southeast. Playing against each other, they all play along Poroshenko. I would say that they are all technical candidates of Poroshenko, regardless of each other. They all give him the opportunity to get into the second round. Anyway, the southeastern electorate is still there. It is clear that you need to choose a more compromise figure. There is Vilkul, which today is not badly quoted, but it has a low rating. There is Boyko, who has a higher rating, but he has an Achilles' heel related to his corrupt activities, “Boyko towers” ​​are already nouns today. There is Taruta, but he has both a low rating and a weak campaign, and I think that his "Basis" is an attempt not only to unite the southeast, it is an attempt to somehow be useful anyway to whom: either the Vilkul groups , or groups Boyko. As for Murayev, he would be better than all of them, not only because he speaks correctly. We can not say that he is "someone's." His dependence on the main defendants is rather illusory.

Quite recently, V. Novinsky stated that the problem of Ukraine and Russia should be solved without Ukraine, because in fact this is a conflict between Moscow and Washington, and the church can play an important role here. This caused a special interest in the electorate. Your opinion on this?

- In the paradigm in which Novinsky lives, he said quite correctly. But I can also say: with the help of the United States, Russia and Ukraine. If Ukraine had a normal, sensible president, not a traitor and not a pathologically greedy individual who is ready to drown all Ukrainian people in blood, and such, for example, like Lukashenko, then I guarantee you that neither Washington nor Moscow, neither they together could not do something like that and say: “well, you will sit on the sidelines while we decide something here.” Therefore, Belarus decides everything on its own, and makes decisions that are beneficial, primarily for itself. If we had a patriot, not a nationalist, who praised unimportant heroes in historical and cultural terms, but who primarily took care of his people, he would be absolutely legal and absolutely decisive in this struggle between Russia and the United States. Those actions that today's government does, and yesterday’s and the day before yesterday’s, are in the interests of other states. In any case, these are all the same human evils: greed, the desire to endlessly dominate, disregard for other people. Everything is based on this.

As for the church. In fact, no matter how well I treat the church and the Orthodox faith in general, I don’t see in it any powerful unequivocal force that would be able to influence the decision making. Anyone can influence the decisions of the president today: the US State Department, fear, personal imbalances, but to influence the church is an illusion. By itself, the religiosity of these people under great doubt, in addition, religion itself dictates the subordination of power. Therefore, whatever it is, but he is president, so we praise him. Decisions are made by people who are very far and spiritually, and mentally, and morally from those postulates that the church offers.

Many questions concern tomos. In principle, the official position on this issue is known. But the attitudes regarding this are clearly different ...

“Tomos, and all that is connected with it, was the electoral technology, which has nothing in common with neither faith nor the civilized advancement of Ukraine. This is a split of the part of the population that listens to those apologists who offer Christian doctrine. This is the elevation of the lowest and blackest stratum among those strata of the population that we try not to notice and avoid. Here they are needed as gangster elements to capture temples, as well as to protect them. This is the destruction of the state, morality and conscience of an entire people. Technologically getting a tomos also does little. All Tomos went to the whistle of the loud beep of the electoral process of Petr Poroshenko.

It is impossible not to draw attention to the persistent imposition on potential voters of such a dilemma: "or - Putin, or - Poroshenko." What does this mean and is it possible to agree with such a formula?

- The achievement of political consultants Poroshenko (if they are not the same political consultants), that they carefully studied Putin’s election campaign. Just the candidate, so to speak, did not come out. All that Putin does, and did during the election campaign, is now adopted by Petro Poroshenko. Nothing new to his spin doctors could come up with. Everyone probably remembers Putin’s statement when he refused to meet and call up Poroshenko on the phone, explaining that he did not want to do an election campaign for him. His political technologists, who work, probably, and Peter Alekseevich, rightly reasoned: it does not matter whether they agree on something or not. The main thing that was a call means that they listened to him, they listened to him, they give him time. So Putin understands how serious and important Poroshenko, as the president of Ukraine, located next, and they decide things. He listened to Poroshenko and freed the hostages - well, our president, he achieved. I did not listen and did not release - you see, we must continue to fight with it, we need another 5 years in order to overcome and release. That is, any action would go in favor of Poroshenko, so he does not want to participate in it. Here, it is very important for the candidate to come closer to something tall and powerful, in this case, to Putin. "Ay, Pug know she is strong that barks at the elephant." Any president who will, must understand - we will not get anywhere from Russia.

It is clear that the situation in Ukraine is not simple. What is happening in Russia? And how can it touch us?

- Almost everything that happens in Russia concerns Ukraine. Let's start with the fact that several millions of our citizens are in Russia and live there as citizens of Russia, respectively, they obey all these laws, be it a law on pensions, or on social security, insurance, and so on. But, given the fact that we have quite powerful and related, and production, and mental connections, voluntarily or unwittingly, we compare ourselves, and what is happening here, with what is happening in Russia, somehow it affects us. With regard to man-made moments, energy - here the connection is even closer. We are very close and, practically, forever. Anyone who thinks that somewhere “get out of Moscow”, he understands that this will lead to nothing. Poroshenko knows that it is impossible to live without Russia. And he says so, apparently because it is beneficial for his supervisors to have such a message. People who are from lack of intelligence, who are due to Russophobia, support him in this. They do not understand, in essence, that they are sawing the branch on which they sit. The consequences of this come out with cones, first of all, on the body of our own people.

Continuing the “foreign” theme: the actions that the US president is taking (shatdown, state of emergency, new Volcker powers, harassment of trade with China) can concern our state?

- I do not think it will affect. Just America will pay even less attention to Ukraine.

Let's talk about the "European" layouts. For example, the “Nord Stream” already be exactly?

- Of course. “To be or not to be?”, The question did not stand at all. There was a soft entry system. At the design stage it was clear that the Americans would be against it, they wanted to sell their gas; other countries that lost transit, the same Poland. However, nothing stopped, everything was built, everything was quietly signed, technically it was done step by step. So the "flow" to be. What to do with the Ukrainian pipe is a problem. I am Ukrainian and I also understand that we have a very large pipe, which cannot be empty. It will turn into a huge amount of good steel, and our oligarchs will cut it so quickly that we do not have time to look back.

Yulia Tymoshenko believes that Ukraine has enough of its own gas reserves, and we can provide them ourselves. How do you think?

- Few people know, but before the 69th year, Ukraine supplied gas to Russia. The entire European part of Russia used Ukrainian gas. Only after the discovery of new deposits in Western Siberia, the balance began to change, the volumes increased. There were such volumes that our domestic well became clearly ineffective compared to the Siberian one. Ukraine today produces 20 billion cubic meters, and could provide its population. However, the industry will not be able to provide. Now we are consuming Russian gas, which is bought through Europe, and Russia is still very loyal. Russia knows who needs what, who consumes how much, and could stop it in one second. Each one as needed and no cube more. What will they sell us? And where will Groisman and all this shobla come? They will be in line to Russia, and how else. Gaza another is not.

An important place in the election campaign is given to the media. Do you think so-called? "Checking" the channel of Mr. Murayev - is this normal?

- No, not normal. It does not matter that he is unlikely to be able to compete with the current president. The problem is that once will. What Muraev will do, they do not know. We can assume that he will do, combining, for example, with the same Zelensky. This can significantly swing the pendulum away from Poroshenko and Tymoshenko.

In the society, insinuations about the sensational film “Servant of the People” with V. Zelensky in the main role are actively exaggerated (whether it is advertising or not, “for” or “against”, etc.). Your comment on this?

- In fact, even once, being a presidential candidate, I also had the idea to make a film as an advertisement, a grotesque, in essence, which was realized by Zelensky. This is a normal, cool technology, which is reflected in the truth of the artwork. I believe this will lead to victory.

There is an opinion that, they say, someone would be happy to vote for a new person, Zelensky, but he has no experience in government work. And some people believe that this applies even to Muraev. Is it possible to overcome such a negative, and if so, how?

- Yes, Zelensky, perhaps, has no management experience. And who has experience in public administration? For example, Poroshenko. With such a tremendous experience, gas prices have risen 12 times. That is, you need to have tremendous experience in order to raise tariffs in this way. The same with electricity. Respectively, all utility cost, fare and so on are derived from the cost of energy. This is done by "experienced" people. We need experienced people who will do even better, or how? Here, answer the question yourself: we all ever played cards. Tell me, it’s better for you how to play: with an ordinary person, like you, who is not an expert in cards, or with a magician, or even worse, with a cheat who has 8 aces in the deck and controls them very easily you and the card you need, so that you, of course, lose? Very experienced politicians are just a sharper in relation to people. Therefore, only Zelensky, who is not a sharper, will be able, in any case, to break the system. Due to the fact that he himself does not know how to manage this corruption system, it will collapse. More automation and technology like blockchain.

Let's continue the topic: how do you think V. Zelensky, if he becomes president, can he deal with such acute social problems: taxes, tariffs, subsidies, gas prices? What will happen to the economy after the election if it wins?

- I am a doctor of economic sciences, but I can say this: when Green needs professionals, specialists and non-thieves, I can well advise what and how to do. Because I want the situation to change, because I live in Ukraine and suffer from power in the same way as others. Of course, any actions that can be done in order to maximally automate and, if it can be said so, de-corruption our power through the tax system or influence on the business, then of course, I am ready to apply a lot of my strength and command to connect to ensure the absence of grounds for abuse.

Do you think it is possible to expect that all more or less sensible and knowledgeable presidential candidates who have not won the election, so as not to be out of work and really benefit society, as they actually declare, will come along with their teams to help the winner of the presidential race? After all, the same Mr. Kucherenko from the team of Tymoshenko is a very strong professional and it would be a shame if specialists of this level would be left out because their political force did not win. Can they negotiate for the common good?

- I think that when Zelensky offers him some part of the activity related to housing and communal services, energy, in which Aleksey Kucherenko is not only rolled back, but also a real professional, he will find himself very quickly and will not hold, sorry for the skirt Tymoshenko. Professionalism is beyond personal responsibilities and obligations that may be there.

And, perhaps, the most exciting question: for whom is it all to vote for?

- I met with different people, and at least 10 asked me such a question. I see how the position itself is interestingly shaped in people. I say: for Zelensky. And they answer me: for the clown? It's amazing how this idea is introduced into the people's brain. I believe that voting for smart people should go approximately in such a position: first, in a pair of Tymoshenko and Poroshenko - just not Poroshenko. The reason is simple. If Pyotr Alekseevich is firmly established in the idea that everything he did is normal, and that the people choose him after all, then this boundless audacity that we see today will receive a new, giant leap. Poroshenko of the second term is much worse and more dangerous than Tymoshenko of the first term. Secondly, if there is Tymoshenko and someone else, only not Tymoshenko. The position is again simple. Yulia Vladimirovna is most ready for the presidency, but in the old paradigm in which Poroshenko lives. It will not surprise us with anything new. There are all its new programs, but in all this new is only the word "new". I would like, of course, a person less dependent on some third forces, on oligarchs, and, I think, Zelensky is one of the least dependent on such people. It would be nice if Yevgeny Murayev, as he has experience in communication and work in politics, will unite with Zelensky. He is not corrupt, he is honest, he is young, ambitious, so if he unites with Zelensky, it will be the moment when 1 + 1 = 3. Murayev’s movement towards Zelensky will unambiguously open the southeast electorate’s dam. If we attract more candidates, then I am sure that Zelensky will not need a second round - he will win in the first.


Victoria Gavrіlyuk led the conversation.

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