On the word

  • "Your fare will close." How to increase the prices of communications and the Internet from the end of winter

    Ukrainian mobile operators and Internet providers are going to raise tariffs. Subscribers have already begun to receive reports that the services will soon become more expensive.

    15 Feb, 14:39
  • The abbot of the Desyatinny Monastery was not allowed into Ukraine. Reaction of social networks

    How do they deprive the passports of those who are not pleased with the regime.

    15 Feb, 14:02
  • Every fifth - is already abroad. How many Ukrainians left the country in 5 years

    The authorities are not profitable to show the real number of migrants.

    14 Feb, 18:25
  • Munger went into a dull defense - in the Gandzyuk case the names of the members of the BPP emerge

    The head of the Kherson Regional Council drew five lawyers for his defense.

    13 Feb, 15:16
  • Net buckwheat. Top 4 technologies of "honest" bribing of voters

    Invented and tested several ways to honestly buy votes for the right candidate.

    12 Feb, 18:14
  • Brought up by the course: why the dollar fell and what awaits the foreign exchange market after the election

    Elections and their consequences is one of the greatest risks for the foreign exchange market for the country in the short term.

    11 Feb, 15:40
  • Yanukovych did not say the main thing again?

    Yanukovych tried to revenge Poroshenko for the taken power.

    10 Feb, 16:34
  • January gave an estimate of the budget-2019

    Analysis of the budget for January of this year only confirms the alarming trend.

    8 Feb, 15:39
  • Court and case: will Suprun remain in the Ministry of Health?

    "Suprun, despite the shaft of criticism, is practically invulnerable"

    7 Feb, 15:08
  • Lyashko"s piar or Poroshenko's plot. What is behind the dissmisal of Uliana Suprun

    "You'll see, Poroshenko will appear in a day or two, will decisively condemn the judicial mafia and will propose to the Verkhovna Rada that Ulyana Suprun be appointed Minister of Health."

    6 Feb, 14:33
  • Rada offered to write off public debt for utilities

    The corresponding bill is published on the website of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

    5 Feb, 14:26
  • Statements about the impossibility of bribing Ukrainians before the elections are beneficial to pro-government political consultants - expert

    An attempt to convince people of the transparency of future elections.

    4 Feb, 14:45
  • Why are in Ukraine such expensive medicines and how pharmacists convince people to eat pills handfuls

    Drug prices in Ukraine are beating all the records.

    31 Jan, 14:28
  • Life in а debt. What Ukrainians take loans for

    Life in a debt is becoming the norm.

    30 Jan, 15:24
  • Nina Yujanina: Some customs sabotaged the customs clearance of cars on eurocommerce

    Now there is a very difficult situation in managing the SFS.

    29 Jan, 15:20
  • Will the tourists pay more?

    If the situation doesn't change, than we can forget about Ukraine, that is attractive for tourists.

    28 Jan, 15:01
  • Yanukovych found guilty of treason

    The prosecution is asking for Yanukovych punishment in the form of 15 years in prison.

    24 Jan, 11:54
  • Not everyone is destined to go to the deserved rest: Groisman changed the rules of the game

    Ukrainians are "very happy" about the next changes

    22 Jan, 13:12
  • Gas overlaps

    Is Gazprom ready to pay - this is a question that neither Mr. Kobolev nor his team is ready to answer.

    21 Jan, 11:21