Mаn and the law

  • Manger left the detention center on bail

    “I can only say one thing: you must continue to cooperate with the investigation in order to find real criminals.”

    16 Feb, 11:42
  • Why Avakov does not allow nationalists to disrupt Tymoshenko’s rallies

    The election process in Ukraine is rapidly becoming radicalized.

    11 Feb, 16:18
  • He would be response for autonomous Donbass. Why did they start a criminal case against Medvedchuk

    A new criminal case can be used as a factor of additional pressure on the policy.

    7 Feb, 15:19
  • Dissmised Suprun. The head of the Ministry of Justice called the court’s decision "absurd and irresponsible"

    "The decision of the District Administrative Court of Kiev will be urgently appealed"

    6 Feb, 14:28
  • GPU completed the investigation of the case of the judge of the Dnipro district court

    The investigation against the judge of the Dniprovsky district court of Kiev, which is suspected of making deliberately unjust decisions during the time of the Maidan, is completed.

    1 Feb, 13:19
  • In Ukraine, almost all prisons don't comply with EU norms, the Ministry of Justice

    The deputy minister noted that Ukrainian SIZOs were filled up by 95%.

    31 Jan, 14:43
  • OPORA announced the beating of its activist in Kropivnitsky

    The public ombudsman went to the hospital and wrote a statement to the police.

    28 Jan, 15:12
  • SBU: Savchenko did not apply regarding the admission of a notary to the detention center

    “N. Savchenko is aware of the established procedure for granting visits to persons taken into custody.”

    26 Jan, 12:15
  • In Kiev, beat and robbed the film crew "Stop corruption"

    The attackers took the bag with documents and money and left.

    25 Jan, 10:31
  • How Mr. Kolotiy "pinned down" the raiders

    Lawlessness with shooting and wounded guard.

    23 Jan, 13:07
  • In the Odessa region revealed violations in agitation of Muraev and Gritsenko

    "Vote, or then!"

    22 Jan, 14:15
  • Prosecutors ordered to finalize the charges against Kotsaby

    The charge must be clearly articulated, comprehensible, and specified.

    22 Jan, 13:28