Glossary of the people

  • "There are two presidents and one technologist." Online discuss Poroshenko advertising, literally repeating Putin's campaign

    We are waiting for Poroshenko with amphoras?

    17 Feb, 15:01
  • "Lie down, Bandera!"

    President with tomos, respect and cutting ribbons, and competitors with scandals, fights and excuses.

    11 Feb, 14:34
  • You really do not want to be "sicheslavtsy"

    One sewer breakthrough and Sicheslav will become Secheslav (urislav).

    8 Feb, 15:46
  • Tymoshenko with Shlapak is planning to arrange a massive vote buying in Kiev

    "Yulia Tymoshenko breaks through another bottom."

    6 Feb, 14:37
  • Debts of Ukrainians in communal services by the end of the year will increase to 100 billion hryvnia - expert

    Most of ukrainians do not have the ability to pay for utilities.

    5 Feb, 14:21
  • "Through the rear entrance." The social network was impressed by the act of Poroshenko, who passed the documents to the CEC from the back door

    The guarantor remembered "his way".

    4 Feb, 14:31
  • "We want, as at Romanians": they demand to remove Olga Kobylyanskaya street In Chernivtsi

    In Ukraine, they took on the classics of Ukrainian literature, the writer Olga Kobylyanskaya.

    1 Feb, 12:57
  • What's wrong with you? Are you in proportion? Are you blind? Do not you see the obvious things?

    The cynicism of the behavior of state managers rolls over!

    1 Feb, 10:05
  • Elections 2019: Gnap complained that he was not allowed to place only one billboard with the text "Living in a New Way"

    He appealed to the owners of boards in the capital to rent a plaсe for advertising.

    31 Jan, 14:48
  • "Is Putin aware that he has elections in March?". In social networks is discussing the main slogan of the forum Poroshenko

    "What a painful choice"

    30 Jan, 14:55
  • Based on the stolen Kuindzhi. The poet Orlusha called for the return of the "real Crimea"

    "Crimea" in his native harbor, in the "Tretyakov Gallery" returned!

    29 Jan, 15:02
  • Tymoshenko will do such a thing that we still remember Poroshenko with a kind word - Volodymyr Oliynyk

    In the event of her victory in the presidential election, the ex-prime minister of Ukraine will pursue such an anti-Russian policy that many will remember the current head of state, Petro Poroshenko, with a kind word.

    24 Jan, 16:11
  • "Petya's thousand" : Ukrainians are preparing for the mass purchase of votes

    While the Ukrainian opposition, share their percentage of the rating and publicly find out who stole the slogans and programs from someone, Poroshenko’s headquarters is preparing for simple actions to collect votes.

    22 Jan, 13:20