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  • открыли в Украине свои предприятия

    And they have a problem now - they are looking for workers.

    17 Feb, 14:54
  • The US can give Ukraine $ 445.7 million for aid in 2019

    The estimate is $ 25 million more than the corresponding 2018 allocations.

    15 Feb, 15:11
  • Trump announced the date and place of the second summit with Kim Chen In

    US President Donald Trump said that the second summit with DPRK leader Kim Chen In will be held February 27-28 in Hanoi (Vietnam).

    9 Feb, 14:38
  • Romania: Response to the provocations of the Russian Federation in the Black Sea will be shared with the allies

    "We must keep quiet and calm, because we are not discussing direct threats to Romania right now."

    7 Feb, 16:55
  • Great countries don't participate in endless wars - Trump

    The US president wants to revise the US military doctrine.

    6 Feb, 17:24
  • Pompeo called on all countries to support the people of Venezuela and recognize Guaydo as interim president

    He also called on the Venezuelan armed forces and security forces to protect the citizens of the country, including Guaydo and his family.

    5 Feb, 23:42
  • Filter for "alien": residents of Donbass will be checked on the detector

    For this purpose, even an express program was created.

    1 Feb, 13:38
  • Happy jubilee, Alexander Nikolaevich!

    On the day of his jubilee, he, as always, is full of strength and new plans.

    30 Jan, 14:45
  • The European Commission approved two proposals for the case of "hard" Brexit

    The European Commission adopted fisheries law as a precautionary measure in the event of a British withdrawal from the EU without an agreement.

    25 Jan, 11:35
  • On the Nikolaev – Ulyanovka highway, a truck with 6,000 hens turned over. Birds break free

    Chickens were traveling from Kherson to the meat factory in the city of Kamyanets-Podilsky.

    22 Jan, 14:29