Policy before elections

  • Alexander RZHAVSKY: “The topic of the election has entered all spheres of our life”

    Poroshenko of the second term is much worse and more dangerous than Tymoshenko of the first term.

    22 Feb, 14:24
  • The CEC voiced the number of voters in Ukraine, but it will change

    30 million. But this is not accurate.

    16 Feb, 11:36
  • In the second round, Poroshenko loses Tymoshenko and Zelensky - KIIS

    Yulia Tymoshenko, the current president is one and a half times lower, and Vladimir Zelensky - two times.

    15 Feb, 14:16
  • One in the boat, not counting Vakarchuk. How Poroshenko was doomed to loneliness

    The current presidential elections in Ukraine are gradually moving away from the natural format "every man for himself" to the format "all against Poroshenko"

    13 Feb, 15:09
  • Pre-election "solitaire" behind the invisible scenes

    The election will be won by the one who will be supported by Zelensky, if he suddenly does not want to go to the presidency to the end.

    12 Feb, 17:06
  • "Language law" will not raise Poroshenko's rating, because he divides voters into his own and someone else's - political scientist

    "Language law" will not be able to raise the rating of the current president, as well as the situation with Tomos.

    11 Feb, 15:49
  • Avakov blamed headquarters of candidates at heating hatred

    He asked the headquarters of the competitors to "stop" on election.

    10 Feb, 16:53
  • Spectacle 18+. What Ukrainians will see at Poroshenko’s debate with Tymoshenko

    Who will emerge from this debate as a winner is almost impossible to predict.

    8 Feb, 15:58
  • Execute bribe takers! How top candidates promise to overcome corruption

    What the programs and speeches of candidates say about corruption.

    7 Feb, 15:22
  • CEC has completed the reception of documents from presidential candidates

    89 applicants filed documents for registration.

    4 Feb, 14:38
  • The Central Election Commission has already registered a record number of candidates.

    The Central Election Commission registered two more presidential candidates in the 2019 elections.

    2 Feb, 19:16
  • "People want revenge." How and why Zelensky broke into the leaders of the presidential race

    In addition, the electorate of the South-East swung towards Zelensky.

    1 Feb, 13:06
  • Operation "Reintegration". What do the main presidential candidates of Ukraine plan to do with the war and the Donbas?

    Special status throughout the Donbas?

    31 Jan, 14:51
  • Solo output: how Petro Poroshenko announced participation in presidential elections

    Poroshenko: "We are optimists who find an opportunity in every problem"

    30 Jan, 18:42
  • Vakarchuk harshly expressed about support for one of the presidential candidates

    The soloist of the "Ocean Elzy" group Svyatoslav Vakarchuk does not intend to support anyone in the next presidential election.

    29 Jan, 14:58
  • "Tymoshenko in prison, Avakov - emigration": what will happen if Bankova wins the election?

    After winning the election, Petro Poroshenko will pursue a more authoritarian policy.

    28 Jan, 15:18
  • Candidates for the presidency of Ukraine are promoting on the Russian subject

    The Russian card is played by all the presidential candidates, and if there were no Russian Federation, what would they say?

    25 Jan, 11:50
  • Poroshenko wants to get into the 2nd round of elections with any ways

    In order to humble the voters, Poroshenko is doing everything right.

    25 Jan, 11:09
  • Zelensky told about the meeting with Poroshenko

    They called upstairs to ask about their intention to participate in the presidential elections in Ukraine.

    22 Jan, 14:06
  • Political analyst analyzed the election campaigns of Poroshenko

    According to Poroshenko, we are moving to Europe, we have the hardest time behind us. But just look at the bills in the tariffs, so that this haze of verbiage and chatter dissipated.

    22 Jan, 13:35