• "In April, you can stay without an apartment." Ukrainians are shocked by record amounts in the payment for heating

    Ukrainians who do not have subsidies will have to choose whether to feed the children or pay for heating.

    15 Feb, 14:13
  • How can Arsen Avakov influence to the presidential campaign

    What is the role of the Interior Ministry and its head at this stage of the presidential race?

    14 Feb, 15:07
  • The European Union is tired of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia - the prime minister of Poland

    The soft, decisive reaction of Europe to the incident near the Kerch Strait can be interpreted as the beginning of the construction of the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 2.

    13 Feb, 15:05
  • Blogger discloses details of buying votes by "People's Front"

    "We will see the return of this political force to the usual technology - a large-scale bribe of voters."

    13 Feb, 14:58
  • Russia will fight for its observers at the elections-2019 in Ukraine to victory

    Despite the fact that the OSCE promised to exclude Russians from the lists of its mission of observers in the upcoming elections in Ukraine, Russia intends "to continue to defend the right to observe at all levels".

    12 Feb, 14:25
  • Dissmisal of Suprun - Lyashko's victory

    Her preservation in the system was so long, it's, perhaps, the most vivid demonstration of the external control of Ukraine.

    11 Feb, 16:26
  • Will the ban on observers from the Russian Federation lead to unrecognized elections in Ukraine by Moscow?

    The OSCE confirmed: the Ukrainian initiative is contrary to the principles of the organization.

    8 Feb, 15:54
  • New currency rules in Ukraine: what would be changed?

    It would be possible to buy currency not only in the bank and the exchanger, but also in the post office.

    7 Feb, 13:47
  • A bomb to Zelensky. How mass migration will affect the outcome of elections in Ukraine

    “Porokhobots”, “yulyabots”, advertising on YouTube and Facebook - all this will not help presidential candidates to win the elections in March 2019.

    6 Feb, 17:00
  • Where do these roads lead?

    How about that? The road workers were forced to admit: the Odessa-Kiev highway is dangerous for cars.

    5 Feb, 15:56
  • PCU of contention: will world orthodoxy support Ukrainian autocephaly?

    Almost all foreign local churches have chosen not to send representatives.

    4 Feb, 15:02
  • The "wood" question between Ukraine and the EU

    Europeans are firmly insisting on their position - they say, if you have made commitments, you follow them.

    1 Feb, 11:56
  • A new OSCE plan for Donbass will not work - political analyst

    This plan is currently impossible, despite the interest and personal ambitions of Martin Saidik.

    30 Jan, 16:16
  • Corruption Perception Index: Ukraine made a qualitative breakthrough

    Ukraine in 2018 climbed ten positions.

    29 Jan, 15:23
  • R. Bortnik: “The votes acquired may decide the result of the presidential election”

    The scale of the bribe in 2019 will be unprecedented.

    28 Jan, 15:08
  • 2 minutes - and the whole life

    Information wars, cyberbandism, heightening hatred brings the danger of a global nuclear catastrophe.

    25 Jan, 10:57
  • Import substitution problems. Can Ukraine build dozens of airplanes for the National Guard itself?

    The Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov just a few days ago made a statement that draws on a mini-sensation

    24 Jan, 11:29
  • Why Ukrainians stopped paying for communal

    Non-payers can pay for overdue bills only by flat.

    22 Jan, 14:22
  • Who, Lukashenko or Putin, fills Ukrainian tanks?

    The President of Belarus did not withstand the psychological pressure and directly answered the Russian propagandists.

    22 Jan, 13:05