World coordinates

  • The UN will consider the allocation of $ 163 million of humanitarian aid for Ukraine

    The plan for the current year is an integral part of the Humanitarian Response Strategy for Ukraine for 2019-2020.

    13 Feb, 15:21
  • Ukraine is preparing to join the OECD

    15 Feb, 14:55
  • The United States will increase duties on goods from China, if no agreement is concluded

    1 Feb, 13:14
  • Oil prices began to decline on news from Venezuela and the USA fone.

    28 Jan, 15:05

On the word

  • "Your fare will close." How to increase the prices of communications and the Internet from the end of winter

    Ukrainian mobile operators and Internet providers are going to raise tariffs. Subscribers have already begun to receive reports that the services will soon become more expensive.

    15 Feb, 14:39
  • Munger went into a dull defense - in the Gandzyuk case the names of the members of the BPP emerge

    13 Feb, 15:16
  • Why are in Ukraine such expensive medicines and how pharmacists convince people to eat pills handfuls

    31 Jan, 14:28


  • "In April, you can stay without an apartment." Ukrainians are shocked by record amounts in the payment for heating

    Ukrainians who do not have subsidies will have to choose whether to feed the children or pay for heating.

    15 Feb, 14:13
  • 2 minutes - and the whole life

    25 Jan, 10:57

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  • открыли в Украине свои предприятия

    And they have a problem now - they are looking for workers.

    17 Feb, 14:54

Policy before elections

  • Alexander RZHAVSKY: “The topic of the election has entered all spheres of our life”

    Poroshenko of the second term is much worse and more dangerous than Tymoshenko of the first term.

    22 Feb, 14:24
  • The Central Election Commission has already registered a record number of candidates.

    2 Feb, 19:16
  • Operation "Reintegration". What do the main presidential candidates of Ukraine plan to do with the war and the Donbas?

    31 Jan, 14:51
  • Vakarchuk harshly expressed about support for one of the presidential candidates

    29 Jan, 14:58

"FOR" and "AGAINST" moratorium

  • Moratorium on the sale of land entered into force

    The land is our. Until January 1, 2020.

    7 Feb, 15:01

Mаn and the law

  • Why Avakov does not allow nationalists to disrupt Tymoshenko’s rallies

    The election process in Ukraine is rapidly becoming radicalized.

    11 Feb, 16:18
  • Manger left the detention center on bail

    16 Feb, 11:42
  • GPU completed the investigation of the case of the judge of the Dnipro district court

    1 Feb, 13:19
  • OPORA announced the beating of its activist in Kropivnitsky

    28 Jan, 15:12


  • It causes cancer and kills the liver: in Ukraine, a destructive substance is added even to baby food

    In Ukraine, in recent years, palm oil is used everywhere. It significantly reduces the cost of the product and manufacturers simply do not want to refuse it.

    14 Feb, 18:39

Glossary of the people

  • "There are two presidents and one technologist." Online discuss Poroshenko advertising, literally repeating Putin's campaign

    We are waiting for Poroshenko with amphoras?

    17 Feb, 15:01
  • "We want, as at Romanians": they demand to remove Olga Kobylyanskaya street In Chernivtsi

    1 Feb, 12:57
  • Based on the stolen Kuindzhi. The poet Orlusha called for the return of the "real Crimea"

    29 Jan, 15:02

Personal space

  • No money for Bukovel - go to Slovakia. Why Ukrainians dont want to relax at home

    "Cut the dough from the tourist" - the main slogan of our sellers of rest

    31 Jan, 14:55

Silicon Valley

  • Electricity from salt water with a efficiency of 35% will make a new membrane

    On the basis of a two-sided membrane, it is possible to construct power plants for the generation of energy in the mouths of rivers, on which it is impossible to construct hydroelectric power stations.

    29 Oct, 11:58